About us.


In the summer of 2020, seven students from the Cantonal School in Solothurn started the DIEAU company as part of the YES company programmes. From the very beginning, it was clear to all of us that our product should help protect the environment, but still have a practical use. We finally agreed on a drinking bottle made of glass, because we think that similar products still have a lot of potential for improvement.


Product design.


Within the team, we looked for the problems that conventional drinking bottles made of glass, which are available on the market, have. We found three problems – and three solutions:

1. Glass bottles are fragile.
That is exactly why our drinking bottle is made of borosilicate glass. This glass is used in the chemical industry, among others, and is particularly resistant to breakage and heat.

2. Glass bottles are poorly insulated.
Many people need a thermos bottle to keep their coffee or tea warm. And cold drinks also get warm quickly in conventional bottles. For this reason, we have provided our bottl ewith a second glass wall. Due to the thin layer of air between the glass layers, our drinking bottle is insulated and your drink stays warm or cold.

3. Glass bottles rarely have an appealing design.
That’s why we spent a long time looking for a bottle that would please the team, as well as potential customers who were sked. But because we are not satisfied with that, we offer you the unique possibility to personalise your bottle. We make the bottle top ourselves with the help of a 3D printer, so we can respond to your individual taste. Now we also offer bamboo lids. We print your personal slogan on the bottle using the sandblasting process.




After months of preparation, we were able to officially launch our copmany at an opening event on 22.10.2020. Due to the corona virus, we were only able to present our company to a small group of spectators. For all those who would have been interested but unfortunately could not attend the event, we filmed our presentation. Following our presentation, we started selling participation certificates.


Our first launch.


Our shop has been onlince since the 19th November. From now on you have the possibility to place orders online.


Our Team.


Back row l.t.r:
Luca Hirt, CPO
Andri Schlunegger, CFO
Noel Schader, CAO
Enrico Colaci, CEO

Front row l.t.r:
Linus Büttler, CPO
Robin Frey, CTO
Joshua Bollinger, CMO